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Downloads and Information
Downloads and Information


( 0000/4927 )

TERRABOX T3 is adecoder to receive digital terrestrial TV DVB-T HD and the new DVB-T2 HD standard. TERRABOX T3 offers maximum ease of use. The device supports the HEVC / H.265 coding standard, so it is ideally prepared to support the DVB-T successor standard. Thanks to this, the receiver can not only receive current terrestrial TV programs, but also those planned in the future, in accordance with the HEVC / H.265 standard.
Various multimedia formats from external data carriers can be played via the USB interfaces. After connecting an external USB hard drive, the receiver allows you to record digital TV programs.
In addition to the HDMI connector, TERRABOX T3 also has a EURO-SCART output that allows you to connect old TV sets and display digital DVB-T2 programs.

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