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Downloads and Information
Downloads and Information

DIGITRADIO 1990 Bibi & Tina

( 0040/3952 )

It has been part of every child's room for decades: the classic, portable boombox. Where once upon a time you listened to your favourite music and radio plays on cassettes and mix tapes, today it's CDs, music streams and digital radio stations that bring us delight. The DIGITRADIO 1990 is not only perfect for your child's playroom, it fits anywhere that simple listening pleasure is needed - in the kitchen, the office or the gym. The DIGITRADIO 1990 can be quickly and easily carried anywhere with the handy carry handle - even when traveling, thanks to its optional battery operation. Whatever you or your kids want to listen to sounds great on the built-in stereo speakers. You can play CDs on the CD MP3 player as well as music files from USB-connected data carriers, and you can even charge your mobile devices via the USB port. The DIGITRADIO 1990 also makes listening to the radio really enjoyable. Here you can receive the available channels via FM or digitally via DAB+ digital radio, and there are more and more stations geared specifically for younger audiences. The AUX-IN jack can also be used to connect an additional audio source, such as an MP3 player. Especially handy is the ability to wirelessly stream music to the DIGITRADIO 1990 via Bluetooth. Choose a playlist, for example, or a story to listen to on the DIGITRADIO 1990 from your smartphone for the little ones while they're playing or to help them fall asleep.

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