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TechniSat: F Compression connector 7.0 - Downloads and Information - Service | EN

Downloads and Information
Downloads and Information

F Compression connector 7.0

( 0001/3348 )

High-quality F compression connector that complies with EN 61169-24: 2009 and thus meets the stringent requirements of cable network operators.
The connector is especially suitable for the COAXSAT 140-4.6 cable, but is also generally suitable for all coaxial cables of the RG 6 series with an outer diameter of 6.8 to 7 mm.

The assembly of the compression connector is simple and precise: all you need to do is strip the cable, slide on the connector and crimp it with the compression pliers 0000/3339. An O-ring seal in the front part of the connector ensures a watertight connection according to IPX8.

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