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TechniSat: DIGITRADIO CD 2GO BT - Downloads and Information - Service | EN

Downloads and Information
Downloads and Information


( 0000/3970 )

Long live the CD! The digital disc, as well as the vinyl disc, is still enjoying, or regaining, great popularity. And your favourite albums from your CD collection can accompany you on your travels - if you choose to revert to the familiar portable CD player. And the DIGITRADIO CD 2GO BT is not just a mobile CD player with a MP3 function, it also impresses with its additional playback facilities. The MODE button is used to swap music sources between DAB+, FM, and CD. This guarantees diversity - and flexibility is also on offer with the DIGITRADIO CD 2GO BT. You can enjoy your favourite music with classic wired headphones, or with wireless headphones thanks to the Bluetooth functionality. That means you can also take this portable CD audio player on your morning jog. The Anti-Shock Function guarantees interference-free motivational music. The DIGITRADIO CD 2GO BT provides up to 5 hours of prime entertainment with its rechargeable battery. The large colour display provides space for all the important information and the conveniently-arranged buttons ensure easy operation. This makes music on the go all the more enjoyable.

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