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Downloads and Information
Downloads and Information


( 0000/3939, 0001/3939 )

What used to be great once is now even better. If you like to fall asleep with a good audiobook or radio drama, then having the DIGITRADIO 52 CD in your bedroom is just the right thing for you. The stylish clock radio not only plays CDs - it even lets you play MP3 files from connected USB data media or music streams via Bluetooth in excellent quality. It's a real pleasure to listen to digital radio stations via DAB+ or FM on the built-in stereo speakers. But it's the display that's so important when it comes to a clock radio. The DIGITRADIO 52 CD has a display that's very large and easy to read. And it's naturally backlit and dims automatically, so you can sleep soundly at night. And you can always keep an eye on all the important information. Going asleep and waking up with the DIGITRADIO 52 CD is so easy: there are two configurable alarms, a snooze and sleep timer as well as wake-up by beep or with your favourite radio station. On the top of the DIGITRADIO 52 CD is a charging area for wirelessly charging compatible devices according to the QI charging standard - ideal for conveniently charging your smartphone during the night. Another option is to charge your smartphone via the USB port on the radio.

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