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Downloads and Information
Downloads and Information

Transita 130

( 78-3006-00, 78-3006-01, 78-3006-02 )

The perfect combination of old and new! Visually the Digitalradio Transita 130 says: “I’m retro!” And that’s absolutely true. It's not just the imitation leather cover and carry strap, the colour scheme and the large speaker grille that are reminiscent of radio designs from another era. Above all, the Transita 130 is truly nostalgic because of the striking FM frequency selector on the front of the device. Here you set the FM frequency in the traditional way, by hand, on an FM frequency dial. Yet the radio stations it finds are digitally acquired, stored and displayed on the stylish LCD. Apart from its appearance and FM reception, however, the Transita 130 is anything but retro. In addition to digital radio reception via DAB+, the radio also offers music streaming via Bluetooth. This allows you to transfer your favourite music wirelessly from your PC/smartphone to the integrated 5W speaker. If you wish, you can connect an additional music player via the AUX-IN. Switching between the various radio and music sources is as quick as a flash using the large buttons on the front of the device. And the best part is that all of this works on the Transita 130 even when you're on the move, because we have incorporated a powerful rechargeable battery, ensuring hours of music enjoyment.

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