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Downloads and Information
Downloads and Information


( 0000/9650 )

The AUDIOMASTER SW 150 impresses with outstanding bass reproduction, with short response time, high clarity and power. All this in just a single case with a relatively compact form. The two 165 mm chassis are powered by a 150 W (RMS) power amplifier and the push-push / pull-pull principle prevents unwanted mechanical vibrations. The result is an extremely powerful, highly dynamic sound that can be wirelessly combined with the SONATA 1 at the touch of a button. Push-Push / Pull-Pull. A look inside the AUDIOMASTER SW 150 unveils the two-chassis principle, with the chassis arranged opposite one another but with each powered electrically in parallel. In this way, the acoustic performance is enhanced while the mechanical forces cancel each other out. This eliminates mechanical vibrations in floors or walls, with high fidelity playback at any volume. What remains is pure sound.

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