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Downloads and Information
Downloads and Information


( 0001/4770 )

Versatile digital HDTV cable receiver for the reception of free-to-cable as well as encrypted television and radio programmes in accordance with the MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 standards, additionally equipped with numerous multimedia functions In addition to the usual multitude of programmes, the DIGIT HD8-C is also equipped to receive high-definition television signals (HDTV). As HDTV is increasingly also being implemented in the sphere of encrypted programme contents, the fact that the DIGIT HD8-C comes equipped with an integrated CONAX decoding system as well as with two Common Interface slots (CI) ensures the receiver is ready for any future developments. The CI slots can be used to expand the capabilities of the DIGIT HD8-C in terms of any decoding systems you may desire, ensuring the viewer is ready for future developments. Multimedia artist The DIGIT HD8-C comes equipped with numerous multimedia connections and interfaces. Two USB 2.0 ports are available for connecting memory devices such as USB sticks or external hard drives. A versatile card reader allows you to use flash memory cards in SD/MMC and MS formats. (these cards are used, for example, in digital cameras, multimedia players or mobile phones). The receiver also supports the new high-speed SDHC-memory standard (SD high Capacity or SD 2.0), allowing the DIGIT HD8-C to read cards with a capacity of up to 16 GB. All these multimedia interfaces can be utilised by the HDTV receiver to output a wide variety of media directly to the television set or to a stereo system: it can play music or audio books in the widespread MP3 format, it can display holiday photographs directly from the digital camera, even directly from the memory card, and it can also impressively display videos from memory cards. Private MP3, photo or video collections can thus easily be viewed via a home movie system. The DIGIT HD8-C is a fully-specified multimedia centre, and naturally also supports the popular MPEG-2 format. Optimum configuration of interfaces The DIGIT HD8-C provides both optical and electrical digital audio output facilities, ensuring impressive surround sound in Dolby Digital (AC-3) format. Connection to an appropriate system is both quick and easy. The HDTV receiver can be easily connected with "HD ready" screens or beamers, using the HDMI interface. For projectors that do not feature an HDMI connection, the HDTV signal can be transmitted via the Component Video output (YPbPr version). Analogue signals are transmitted, among other options, via the two SCART connections, allowing you to utilise older video recorders and DVD players as well as other external audio-/video components. A cinch video out connection completes the spectrum of analogue connections. Optimum convenience for users When the receiver is in operation, a 16-digit alphanumeric display provides important information (e.g. programme names and the like) as well as status indications. The ergonomic, user-friendly remote control unit provides convenient access to three freely programmable Favourites lists, to more than 40 programme lists (already sorted by genre) as well as to 5.000 programme slots for television and radio. The user-friendly operation of the receiver is based mainly on the easy-to-use operating system as well as on the integrated added value services of the integrated DigiButler Service. These services on the one hand ensure installation and operation of the product are as simple and convenient as possible, and on the other hand they provide powerful additional performance features. For example, the AutoInstall installation assistant provides quick and easy initial installation, the ISIPRO Cable programme list manager and the TechniMatic software updating function provide specific automatic information and updating functions, while the editorially enhanced ?SiehFern INFO? programme information service provides programme previews up to seven days in advance. Energy-saving features The DIGIT HD8-C has been designed specifically to consume as little energy as possible, given the many features. The power consumption of only 0.25 W in standby mode is extremely low. Please note, at this stage, there is unfortunately no agreed and unified situation with regard to the reception of encrypted digital programmes in the cable network by private providers, the only exception is the free-to-cable reception of public service broadcasters. Before purchasing a cable receiver, please enquire from your retailer which encryption system is used by your local cable provider.

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