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Downloads and Information
Downloads and Information

Multi range amplifier MBV 4

( 0001/3129 )

The technical features of the TechniSat multi-band amplifier MBV 4 make it particularly suitable for use in medium-sized to large antenna distribution networks. The unit provides four inputs.

Input 1: FM
Input 2: VHF Band I
Input 3: VHF Band III
Input 4: UHF Band IV/V

The complete antenna signal is fed to a combined output. The amplification of the MBV 4 is 26 or 28 dB per input. In practice, the input levels of the antennas used can vary quite widely, so the MBV 4 is equipped with a separate adjustment control for each input. This provides a facility to apply continuous damping of 0 to 13 dB to each input. Just like the MBV 3, the multi-band amplifier MBV 4 is equipped with an integrated power supply.

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