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Downloads and Information
Downloads and Information


( 3234/3259 )

The TechniSat TechniSwitch 5/8G is a brand-new product in the IF Distribution assortment.
It has four Satellite IF-Inputs for analogue and/or digital polarities and a terrestrial input for the complete frequency range of 47 to 862 MHz.

The terrestrial input is supported by slope amplifiers that minimize the loss of these frequencies to maximum -4 dB at 47 MHz up to -1 dB at 862 MHz. The satellite range is also supported with internal amplifiers that even give a gain of +3 dB to the high frequencies up to 2150 MHz. Thus, the slope of the coaxial cables is automatically compensated for.

With its very small dimensions, which are 170 mm x 125 mm x 35 mm (WxHxD), this device is easy on installation anywhere within a building. The TechniSwitch 5/8 G even can be operated without additional power supply, or connection to 220/230 V AC.
Thus, even if there is no electric power socket at the location of the multiswitch, the system works as soon there is a receiver connected and switched on. Only one receiver on operation is enough to supply the DC voltage to the switch and the LNBF, including the internal RF and IF amplifiers. If there is a demand of continued operation of the RF amplification, independently from any receivers, (maybe a CATV signal should be available when all connected receivers are switched off), an external power supply is available.

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