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Downloads and Information
Downloads and Information


( 0008/8882 )

Digital-ready Universal Single LNB with integrated DiSEqC loop-through The new TechniSat TwinDi LNB combines a Standard-V/H LNB with a DiSEqC switch. The prime areas of use for the TwinDi LNB are in combination with multi-feed installations, or where two satellite dish antennas are combined in a single installation, in cases where only a single co-axial cable can be installed to the satellite receiver. Where the TwinDi LNB is used in conjunction with a multi-feed bracket, a second Universal-V/H LNB can be connected to the TwinDi LNB. A single co-axial cable is then run from the TwinDi LNB to the satellite receiver, which uses the DiSEqC control to switch between the TwinDi LNB and the other V/H LNB connected to the system. The procedure is similar for the installation of two satellite dishes. In this case, the combination of TwinDi LNB and V/H LNB allows you to combine such diverse satellite positions as ASTRA 19° East and Türksat 42° East in a single system. In each case, only a single co-axial cable will be connected to the satellite receiver. The TwinDi LNB is suitable for all installations providing a 40 mm feed uptake. It is supplied either on its own, or in a complete package with a DigiDish 33.

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