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Downloads and Information
Downloads and Information

Wegavision FHD43A

( 78-2043-00 )

The Wegavision FHD43A, with its extensive features, allows convenient reception of high-definition television, regardless of whether the signals are provided via a digital satellite connection, a terrestrial antenna (via DVB-T2) or cable television. The Wegavision FHD43A already integrates the digital receiver to receive high-definition digital TV programs. The Wegavision FHD43A's 43-inch Full HD screen can play the TV program and movies from external players, like your Blu-Ray player, in remarkable HD quality. Via the USB interface, unencrypted TV programs can be recorded on an external USB data carrier and time-shifted television can be realized. Thanks to the integrated CI+ interface, the Wegavision FHD24A is - in combination with a CI+ module and a valid subscription - pay-TV-enabled and can handle encrypted programs from a variety of pay-TV providers, for example: Sky.

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Short manual (V1)

Manual in german, english, french, italian and polish language, 28.07.2017, 34.14 MB

Device Software (V1.1.11 [2019-03-21 19:29:50])

Software for Wegavision FHD43A, 21.07.2020, 4.94 MB


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