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TechniSat: SATMAN 45 with UNYSAT-24TN-LNB - Downloads and Information - Service | EN

Downloads and Information
Downloads and Information


( 1045/8824, 1345/8824, 1445/8824, 1745/8824, 1545/8824 )

About SATMAN 45

The 45 cm offset mirror is made of first-class aluminum, powder-coated on both sides and is 100 percent rustproof. First-class aluminum is also used for the associated AZ / EL bracket. And all screws and washers are made of stainless steel. Thanks to the use of these materials, the outdoor system is extremely durable and absolutely weather-resistant.


With the UNYSAT-24TN-LNB, you supply via a single coaxial cable Up to 24 participants with the complete programs of a satellite.

How does the control of the single-cable output work?

The SCR-compatible receivers control the single-cable output of the UNYSAT-24TN-LNB via DiSEqC -Level 1.0 with the protocol EN 50494 or EN 50607. With these protocols the selection of the transponder frequencies / programs is initiated in the SCR-LNB. The UNYSAT-24TN-LNB generates twenty-four generated output frequencies in the IF frequency range 950-2150 MHz, via which the individual participants can receive all digital programs without restriction. Both low and high band can be received.

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