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TechniSat: PROGRAMMING UNIT RVP 700 - Downloads and Information - Service | EN

Downloads and Information
Downloads and Information


( 0000/3189 )

The PROGRAMMIERADAPTER RVP 700 device, along with the TechniSat RVcontrol app makes it possible to configure the single-cable outlets of the RV 700-E series.
Due to the configuration of the single-cable outlets you ensure that connected devices can only use the respectively enabled user bands. Even if a receiver is configured incorrectly, or is incompatible with a single-cable system or is in the initial installation mode, then the devices connected to other programmable outlets are not interfered with. The interference-free operation of the entire single-cable satellite system across several residences is thus ensured on a permanent basis.
To check and edit the configuration of a single-cable outlet, you use the TechniSat RVcontrol app which is available free of charge for Android, iOS and Windows. By means of this app it is possible to quickly and intuitively enable or disable user bands. In addition, you can protect the configuration of each outlet against unauthorised changes by using a pin code.

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