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Downloads and Information
Downloads and Information

CableStar HD 2

( 4098/3733 )

With the CableStar HD 2 HDTV card you will experience television in its new dimension. In addition to the TV and radio programmes of conventional television broadcasts with the Cable Star HD 2, you will also receive via cable the brilliant image and sound worlds of new High Definition Television (HDTV). HDTV offers televiewing pleasure of a hitherto unknown quality. The crystal-clear pictures are richer in detail, the colours are fuller and the contours sharper. The high sound quality provides an excellent, room-filling sound.

First-class equipment
A highlight of the already superb high-quality equipment is the EVE v2 video-processing software included in the product delivery. This software originally created by MainConcept offers many new professional features. In addition to video processing via Timeline and Storyboard, you also get a completely new concept for DVD authoring together with a burning function. Using this you can simply and rapidly produce your own VCDs, SVCDs and DVDs.

Additional features
Also included with the CableStar HD 2 is, amongst others, a timeshift function providing you with time-delayed TV viewing, a free-of-charge programme information service - TV info - (where you can access a five-day programme preview) and a video text function (which gives you round-the-clock access to all important news items).

Common interface (CI)
Finally you are also supplied with a CI slot with which the reception of encrypted programmes is possible (when using the appropriate CI module).

Support for upcoming operating systems is not planned.

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Quick Installation Instructions

for all TechniSat PCI/PCIe/USB 2.0 products from TechniSat, 24.10.2011, 7.64 MB

Software und Treiber für TechniSat SkyStar HD2 sowie für CableStar HD2

enthält Software und Treiber sowie Benutzerhandbuch für DVBViewer TE2 incl. FAQs., 08.09.2014, 51.47 MB

ClearDevices (1.11)

Workaround for software version 1.1

After the software update to version 1.1. you may get the message No valid DVB device found from

DVBViewer TE.

To solve this issue please follow these steps:

1) download and extract the file to your local harddisc drive

2) close the DVBViewer TE software

3) execute the ClearDevices.bat which was extracted in step 1)

4) now the DVBViewer TE can be used again, 08.09.2011, 0 MB


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