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Downloads and Information
Downloads and Information


( 0000/3272 )

The GigaSystem 17/8 is designed to distribute signals from as many as four satellite positions.

The basic unit 17/8 G comes equipped with a total of 17 inputs. Sixteen of these are satellite IF inputs, which can accommodate the signals from up to four Quattro LNB’s. Each Quattro LNB has four outputs, each of which, depending on the polarisation plane, can supply a specific frequency range - a so-called satellite block. The multi-switch provides an input connection for each of these signals. A total of 16 inputs can be allocated to satellite signals. The seventeenth input is reserved for feeding in terrestrial antenna signals.
As is the case with all high-quality multi-switches, the incoming signals are processed discretely, and are amplified with a so-called slope. The amplification, or gain, is greater, the higher the frequency of the signal is. This compensates for the higher damping effect on higher frequencies caused by cables.

The signals are distributed to as many as eight participants.

Power supply
The basic unit features a high-quality efficient mains adapter, that is capable of supplying current not only to the basic unit, but also up to four cascades, including all LNB’s connected to the system.

The GigaSystem 17/8 can be further expanded using suitable components, so that even large-scale networks involving hundreds of participants can be implemented.

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