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DigitRadio 520

DigitRadio 520, anthracite
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DigitRadio 520, anthracite
Das DIGITRADIO 520 ist ein leistungsstarkes DAB+ Hybridradio mit hochwertigem Gehäuse im Retro-Look. Neben der bundesweiten und regionalen Radio-Programmvielfalt via DAB+ können Sie zusätzlich auf tausende Internetradio-Sender sowie UPnP-Freigaben von PCs, Smartphones oder NAS-Laufwerken im Heimnetzwerk zugreifen. Als Spotify-Nutzer mit Premium-Konto haben Sie darüber hinaus die Möglichkeit, die Musik des Online-Streaming-Dienstes über Spotify Connect direkt auf das Radio zu streamen. Via Bluetooth empfängt das DIGITRADIO 520 zudem kabellos Musik von Mobilgeräten. Weiterhin punktet das Gerät als Multiroom-Radio. So können Sie sich in Kombination mit anderen Multiroom Radios oder Lautsprechern von TechniSat sehr einfach Ihr eigenes Multiroom-Audiosystem aufbauen. Eine intuitive Drehregler-Steuerung und ein komfortables, großes OLED-Display sowie die praktische Steuerung per App sorgen für eine einfache Bedienung.

Noise-free radio in perfect digital quality with extremely robust reception - that's DAB+ digital radio. DAB+ overcomes the regionally limited array of FM stations by offering more than a dozen radio stations broadcast nationwide in optimal digital quality. There are also numerous national and regional broadcasters extending their radio offerings with additional channels. Tedious searching and tuning of radio stations are also things of the past. All you do is select the name of the station you want - TechniSat DAB+ digital radios display a channel list of all the digital radio channels you can receive.

Internet radio

Using the integrated internet radio function, you can effortlessly access thousands of internet radio broadcasters - in addition to the stations you regularly receive. The device is easy to link to the internet via your home network using the integrated network interface. The choice of programmes is constantly increasing and automatically updated, meaning that there will continue to be countless exciting channels to discover from all over the world in the future.

Audio streaming

Via audio streaming, you can easily access UPnP media sharing at any time, e.g. on a network hard drive or a device acting as a UPnP server, such as a TechniSat MultyVision or a PC. In this way, you can listen to your favourite music on your device directly from the home network.


Via multiroom streaming you can connect various DigitRadios from different rooms in your network. You can create groups to play the same music from a single source at the same time. The installation and the controlling is made via MyDigitradio Pro app which is available for iOS and Android. Please find further information an (German page)


With this device, you can also receive conventional FM radio stations in your reception area, in addition to digital radio stations. The RDS (Radio Data System) also enables you to receive additional broadcast information and alternative extra frequencies for the FM radio broadcaster you are listening to.

Bluetooth Audio Streaming

Bluetooth Audio Streaming enables the transmissionof stored music collections wirelessly to the device without any loss in quality. Various mobile devices such as smart phones, tabletts or others can be connection with the product via Bluetooth.

Technical Data

Article information

4.17 kg
3.13 kg
32.00 x 16.50 x 16.50 cm
38.70 x 26.50 x 23.00 cm










5 90 % relative Luftfeuchtigkeit (nicht kondensierend)
5 35 °C




20 W RMS
2 x 10 W

Network & communication

802.11 a/b/g/n (2,4-GHz- und 5-GHz-Band werden unterstützt)

Other features

 (UPnP, Bluetooth, Spotify, Multiroom)

Power consumption

36 W
0.67 W
36 W

Power supply

230 V
50 Hz
DC 18 V / 2000 mA

Radio / reception

174 240 MHz
87.5 108 MHz
DAB / UHF telescopic aerial
All technical data

Scope of delivery

DigitRadio 520, telescopic aerial, power supply, manual


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