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DVB-C/IP IRD 6 x Multicast
The TechniNet DVB-C/IP IRD is a professional integrated receiver-decoder card, which supports the transmission standard DVB-C/S, ASI, TSoIP or IPTV. Every module has 2 CI - slots for decryption of programes and does also enhance professional CI-Modules. After decryption and decoding of the signals, the tranmission via the ethernet 100 baseT- interface in IP-based networks starts, with support of Uni- or Multicast protocol. This product enables to generate 6 Multicastchannels at the same time. The user has the choice to if he prefers to transmit the programmes as single program transportstream (SPTS) or as multiple program transportstream (MPTS). The needed information to recover the encoded TV programes are already integrated in the SPTS. It enables the TechniNet IP IRD - cards to transmit chosen SI tables in addition to the PES data.
It is further possible to transmit one of the existing services with the integrated MPEG-2 SD - Decoder in FBAS with Stereo-sound or in a digital SDI-signal. Via website or TMS (SNMP based TechniNet Management Software) a well as locally with the programm Remote control, the user is able to control and monitor the full functions.

Technical Data

Article information

40 x 110 x 405 mm
8.50 x 16.50 x 47.50 cm
600 g
600 g

ASI input

BNC female, 75 Ohm
100 Mbit/s

ASI output

BNC female, 75 Ohm
100 Mbit/s

AV output

BNC female, 75 Ohm
RCA female, left and right, 10kOhm


0 ... 45 °C
10 ... 90 %

General characteristics

input level frequency from 48 up to 862 MHz
IPTV - up to 6 Channels with Multicast in the IP-Net
SPTS or MPTS transmission with up to 70 Mbit/s
2 X CI - slots (adjustable separetly)
ASI - and SD-SDI out
AV- out for MPEG-2 in MP@ML

SDI output

BNC female, 75 Ohm

TSoIP output

RJ45 elektrisch
100BaseT, IGMPv2, UDP/RTP, Unicast or Multicast

Tuner DVB-C

F female
75 O
48 ... 862 MHz
45 ... 75 dBµV
2 ... 7 Mbaud
16-, 32-,64-, 128-, 256-QAM
> 35 dB (ohne Equalizer, 256-QAM)
204, 188
All technical data

Scope of Delivery

TechniNet DVB-C/IP IRD- card, front cover, rear cover, ethernet-patch cable, BNC-connection cable, AV-adaptercable