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DIGIDISH 33, Universal-V/H-LNB
DIGIDISH 33, Universal-V/H-LNB

High-performance digital satellite antenna

Considering its size of only 33 cm the DIGIDISH 33 provides tremendous reception performance. In addition, its appearance is very attractive, the antenna gives the impression of elegance and good design. It is made of high-quality aluminium, thus guaranteeing an extremely long life.

Discreet mounting

The DIGIDISH requires very little space, and is thus the ideal satellite antenna for balconies, or for people who would prefer to "hide" their satellite antenna. The DIGIDISH 33 now allows you to enjoy digital satellite reception in locations where it would hitherto have been considered very difficult, at best.

Strong reception performance

Whether you are in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, the DigiDish provides perfect reception of all digital television and radio programmes broadcast via ASTRA at 19,2° East. In addition, dozens of digital programmes (television and radio) can be readily received by the DIGIDISH 33 from the Eutelsat orbital position at 13° East.


HDTV stands for High Definition Television, thus for outstanding picture quality. With HDTV, pictures can be displayed in much greater detail and with much finer gradations. Contrast and contours are more precise and colours truer to their originals. Furthermore, the wide screen format on HDTV broadcasts corresponds much better to human visual perception. So it creates a more vivid impression overall.

Technical Data

Article information

1.9 kg
2.7 kg
40.50 x 39.50 x 22.00 cm

General characteristics

Only 33 cm small
1 or 2 participants
1 orbital position (for example Astra 19.2° East)
Especially suitable for balcony installation / Ideal for the city
Ideal for ground and wall mounting
1 mm
Powder-coated on both sites

Input frequency range

10.7 - 11.7 GHz
11.7 - 12.75 GHz


11,5 - 14 V
16 - 19 V
22 kHz


9.75 GHz ± 3MHz
10.6 GHz ± 3MHz

Noise factor

0.7 dB max.
0.7 dB max.

Output frequency range

950 - 1950 MHz
1100 - 2150 MHz

Power supply

11.5 ... 19 V
max. 190 mA

Technical data

0.33 m
30 dBi @11,3 GHz
30 °
40 mm
All technical data


(Camping, Cars & Caravans)

Zweiter Platz in der Kategorie Sat-Anlagen bei der Leserwahl zum König-Kunde-Award 2014
(Camping, Cars & Caravans)

Additional products

Pipe-Fitting for DIGIDISH 33/45 and SATMAN 33/45, 30-63 mm

Pipe-Fitting for DIGIDISH 33/45 and SATMAN 33/45, 30-63 mm

On-Pipe-Fitting for DigiDish 33/45 and SATMAN 33/45, corresponding to a pipe of30-63 mm diameter

Wall Mount DIGIDISH, +30°

Wall Mount DIGIDISH, +30°

wall mount for DIGIDISH 33 and SATMAN 33

Wall Mount DIGIDISH, 75°

Wall Mount DIGIDISH, 75°

wall mount for DIGIDISH 33 and SATMAN 33

Wall Mount DIGIDISH, 90°

Wall Mount DIGIDISH, 90°

wall mount for DIGIDISH 33 and SATMAN 33