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COAXSAT 115-2x3.6

0003/3022 - 2 x m 80eel - white
Made in Germany
COAXSAT 115-2x3.6, 2 x m 80eel
COAXSAT 115-2x3.6, 2 x m 80eel
The CoaxSat 115-2x3.6 is a double-mini high-frequency antenna cable with 115 dB shieldingand suitable for use in the Sat-field and the CATV systems. Two mini coaxial cable are linked to one another whereby it is possible to achieve a lower overall diameter. It is particularly suitable for usage in parallel row distribution systems since it can be led, without any trouble, through already existing empty conduits. The high shielding affords effective protection against radio interference of all kinds.



Technical Data

Article information

7.5 kg
6.46 kg
27.50 x 27.50 x 15.00 cm
55.00 x 45.00 x 40.00 cm


2.45 dB/100m
3.34 dB/100m
5.05 dB/100m
6.57 dB/100m
7.2 dB/100m
11.8 dB/100m
13.9 dB/100m
17.8 dB/100m
24.6 dB/100m
28.7 dB/100m
33.2 dB/100m
38.6 dB/100m
42.9 dB/100m
45.3 dB/100m

Return loss

≥ 21 dB
≥ 33 dB
≥ 27 dB
≥ 26 dB
≥ 26 dB

Technical data

5 ... 3000 MHz
75 Ω (± 3)
0.8 mm
Copper bare (OFC)
3.6 mm (± 0,1)
1x Alu-Folie doppelt kaschiert und geklebt, 2x Cu-Geflecht Sn 16 x 3 x 0.13 mm, 1x Alu-Folie doppelt kaschiert
PVC, withe
5.6 x 11 mm (± 0,2)
≥ 50 mm
≤ 0.5 mΩ/m @ 5 MHz
55 pF /m
≥ 115 dB ≙ Klasse A+

Transfer impedance

≤ 0.5 mΩ/m
≤ 0.05 mΩ/m
All technical data