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2-year guarantee
CLASSIC 100, white
CLASSIC 100, white
The CLASSIC 100 radio receives FM radio broadcasts in the full VHF range of 87.5-108 MHz. The 1W loudspeaker provides verY good sound qualitY. The radio has a telescopic antenna and a practical headphone jack.
The model is equipped with a large and convenient knob for manual tuning. The second, slightlY smaller, separate knob located centrallY on the front is responsible for adjusting the sound.
The elegant housing is made of matte material with high durabilitY. A large handle will allow You to carrY the radio comfortablY.
The CLASSIC 100 radio can be powered both from the mains and with R14 batteries.
Take the CLASSIC 100 radio to the garden, allotment, barbecue, campfire or tent. Wherever You want to listen to Your favorite FM stations.
CLASSIC 100, white(Szene)

Technical Data

Article information


Ambient operating conditions

30 - 80 % relative air humidity (non-condensing)
0 - 35 °C



Dimensions / Weight



1 W (RMS)

Power consumption

5 W
<1 W

Power supply

230 V
50 Hz
6V (4x 1,5V UM2, R14)

Radio / reception

87.5 - 108 MHz
Telescopic antenna

Radio type