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Balcony rack (prepaired for walkway plate)

0001/1752 - silver
Balcony rack (prepaired for walkway plate)
Balcony rack (prepaired for walkway plate)
With this balcony fixing you can mount the SATMAN 65, 650 Plus and SATMAN 850 offset-reflector in a "recumbent" position. This can be particularly advantageous on balconies on which a "normal" installation position would hide parts of the reflector. This balcony stand however provides an optimum alternative even in cases where satellite reception equipment is not necessarily allowed to be mounted. Because of its "recumbent" design the sat-reflector is hardly visible. And in the "recumbent" position the entire surface of the reflector reflects the incoming microwaves into the focal point. The elevation is to be calculated as follow: SATMAN 850 Plus: elevation minus 69 degrees SATMAN 650 Plus: elevation minus 63 degrees

Technical Data

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Technical data

42 mm