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TechniSat SkyStar 2 TV PVR PC card: Best Satellite TV PC Adapter


The 2004 What Satellite TV & Digital hardware award winners have been announced, and TechniSat´s SkyStar 2 TV PVR PC card has won "Best Satellite TV PC Adapter". This product has been well-received by readers of What Satellite TV & Digital magazine, benefiting from 2 positive in-depth test reports and regular coverage by features on its excellent tuning capabilities.

"If user interest is anything to go by, the SkyStar 2 PVR is the most popular satellite receiver adapter, as well as our pick of the crop. TechniSat´s own TV viewing and data-collection software is both easy to use and stable, with a full range of PVR features included in the latest release.

It has also become a first choice for software developers to build their own TV viewing programmes, and we had no trouble tuning into high-definition TV with a fast PC. It is now bundled with a remote control, and its an absolute bargain."

In a test of the SkyStar 2, editor of What Satellite credited this product as "the best TV PC card money can buy". This has also been echoed by a number of internet forums and e-mail discussion groups, including a dedicated Yahoo! mailing list for the SkyStar 2 run by enthusiastic users.

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