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Active 2-way tap 9/2A

0000/3233 - silver
Active 2-way tap 9/2A
Active 2-way tap 9/2A
9-fold 2-way tap for the further transfer of a source circuit with nine outputs with simultaneous diverting of two active branch sources each with nine further outputs. With the new active 9/2 A tap TechniSat has succeeded in developing an innovative concept for the installation of medium and large distribution installations. The TechniSat 9/2 A serves, within the GigaSwitch-installations, to further transfer the source circuits with scarcely any loss and at the same time to actively, i.e. with amplification, branch off connections for two GigaSwitch distributions.Operational security and reliability for the entire system are in the very foreground of matters for this new type of diverter technology. On the one hand there takes place a DC decoupling of the multi-switches, which are connected onto the branch outputs, from the rest of the system. (In so doing the operational security is significantly increased and possible breakdowns remain locally restricted).On the other hand a virtually loss-free distribution is guaranteed and in addition to this a very high cascading facility. The TechniSat 9/2 A tap has a decoupling between the individual outputs of more than 60 dB. For this reason this component can be used more than five times within an installation. With the 9/2 A tap and the elements of the GigaSwitch series installations for several hundred participants can be set up.
Multiple subscribers

Multiple subscribers

2 orbit positions

2 orbit positions

Technical Data

Article information

500 g
432 g
23.90 x 6.70 x 2.70 cm
25.20 x 7.40 x 4.60 cm

Ambient operating conditions

-25 ... 55 °C


3 ... 6 dB
5 ... 10 dB einstellbar


45 dB
60 dB

General characteristics

Power supply

15 V
typ. 150 mA @15V, je Abzweigegruppe

Reception range

950 ... 2150 MHz
47 ... 862 MHz

Technical data


Transmission loss

0.6 ... 1 dB
1.2 dB

Scope of Delivery

Active 2-way tap 9/2A, instruction manual