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This transmodulator as accessory for the TechniNet IP enables together with the TechniNet IP IRD cards, the modulation and feed of MPEG-signals in a cable network. The modulator card receives the DVB-transport stream via the ASI Input and modulates this into a QAM-signal, generates this in a DVB-C conform output signal for a frequency range of 48 to 860 MHz.
The high performance transport stream modulaters enables to filter PID´s and single programmes, whereas SI/PSI tables will be fit automatically. The operation of the rack is either local with the cable connected programmer or remote via Ethernet and the TechniNet Management software on PC.


HDTV stands for High Definition Television, thus for outstanding picture quality. With HDTV, pictures can be displayed in much greater detail and with much finer gradations. Contrast and contours are more precise and colours truer to their originals. Furthermore, the wide screen format on HDTV broadcasts corresponds much better to human visual perception. So it creates a more vivid impression overall.

Technical Data

Article information

40 x 110 x 405 mm
8.50 x 16.50 x 47.50 cm
600 g
600 g

ASI input

BNC-Socket, 75 Ohm
100 Mbit/s

DVB-C output

16-, 32-, 64-, 128-, 256-QAM
2 ... 7.2 Mbaud
< 0.3 %
< 0.3 °
< 0.5 ° RMS
> 35 dB
48 ... 860 MHz (10 kHz Schrittweite)
97 ... 110 dBµV (1 dB Schrittweite)
> 55 dB
75 O
> 12 dB


0 ... 45 °C
10 ... 90 %

General characteristics

DVB-C modulator / EN 300429
ASI input
Output frequency range from 48 up to 860 MHz (K2 to K69) adjacent channel operation
Input level adjustable from 97-110 dBµV
NIT generation

Scope of Delivery

TechniNet ASI/DVB-C transmodulator, Front panel, Back panel, Ethernet Patch-cable, BNC-connection cable